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ATTENTION! STAFF DRINK COMPETITION Rules: All barista staff members worked individually to build recipes of their own creativity. The competition required them to build a coffee and non-coffee recipe. As well as creating their recipes, competitors are also in charge of their own marketing. This competition will begin today and end on February 6th, 2023. The staff member with the highest number of combined sales between their two drinks will win their prize. Competitors have worked hard to create some amazing recipes. Competitor #1 Oreo Latte: A warm or cold drink that resembles the yummy goodness of one of your favorite cookies. Salted Caramel Chocolate Malt: A cold, blended sweet treat but have the sweet and salty flavors we all love and features Caramel Collision Ice Cream Competitor #2 Coconut Macaroon Mocha: This coconut, hazelnut, and mocha drink will only leave you wanting more. Highly recommended to try with Oat milk. Banana Cream Pie Bull Rush: A twist on a dessert you thought you could only have after dinner. Energize you’re tastebuds with this pie inspired beverage. Competitor #3 Caramel Brûlée Latte: A flavor you may have seen but with a Peshtigo Apparel Twist. If you love caramel, you will love this! Blue Raspberry Bull Rush: Come surf the deep blue with this electric bull rush! Who know what you will be able to do and see after this one. Competitor #4: Caramel Brittle: Grandma’s secret brittle recipe but in a cup! Experience the sweet cookie like flavored latte either hot or cold! Sunrise Bull Rush: Need something other than coffee to start you day. How about a Sunrise? Best way to get a jumpstart on your day! Competitor #5 Creamy Coconut Latte: A creamy and sweet taste that will make you feel like its summer outside. Coco Loco Delicioso Bull Rush: This crazy coconut and banana drink will have screaming over how delicious it is. Stop in today and throughout the next month to try these amazing recipes and see the hardwork that was put into them!